xoo.london is a small, independent, professional accountancy service provider. we are primarily focussed on creatives based in london. if you don’t work in the creative sector but like our pricing and ethos (please look around the site) then you can link to our sister business grey star.

we operate in ‘the cloud’ and aspire to be paperless. we are unlike regular accountancy practices. there is no fancy office with a brass nameplate on the door. there are no banks of filing cabinets filled with reams of paperwork. we can work from our office, your office or the local pret.

we operate under four key principles;

  • empathy. creatives produce things. accountants add up columns of numbers. we will advise you, keep you legal and hit every filing deadline. we understand the environment in which you operate and will support you. we are happy to meet with you when needed and we don’t charge for meetings.
  • cloud-based. if you opt for xero accounting you’ll see everything we see. your accounts will be updated regularly by using automated feeds from your bank accounts. the xero dashboard will give you the all the key data you need to gauge the health of the business. if xero is not for you then you will receive a regular update by excel spreadsheet.
  • paperless. we don’t own a filing cabinet and we don’t have a printer. ok, there is one we can use in an emergency but the business has never bought one. everything is held in soft copy and regularly backed up on time machine. information is secure. we use electronic authorisation and filing. we are not going to change the world, we are trying to work smarter. if the by-product is good for the planet we are pleased.
  • low cost. being cloud-based and paperless will keep our costs down. not having an office seriously reduces our costs. good for us but also you as we pass on these savings. and we don’t charge vat – we are not currently required to and when we do we will absorb this cost ourselves. none of these savings impact our ability to act in a professional manner, we just have a small footprint.

you can get an idea of the services we offer by following the link here. best bet is always to call to arrange a meeting and we can work out what’s best for you. check out our contact page or just call 07717 680445.

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